Academic work


  • McAuliffe, M., Coles, A., Goodale, M., Mihuc, S., Wagner, M., Stuart-Smith, J., & Sonderegger, M. (2019). ISCAN: A system for integrated phonetic analyses across speech corpora. (Link)
    • Proceedings of the 19th Congress of Phonetic Sciences Melbourne


  • McAuliffe, Michael, Elias Stengel-Eskin, Michaela Socolof, Arlie Coles, Sarah Mihuc, and Morgan Sonderegger (2017). PolyglotDB [Computer program]. Version 0.0.1 (alpha), retrieved 28 July 2017 from
    • Associated Interspeech paper: McAuliffe, Michael, Elias Stengel-Eskin, Michaela Socolof, and Morgan Sonderegger (2017). Polyglot and Speech Corpus Tools: a system for representing, integrating, and querying speech corpora. In Proceedings of Interspeech 2017. (Link)

Non-journal publications

  • Arlie Coles (2018). Forced Phonetic Alignment by Neural Network. Undergraduate thesis. (Link)
    • Abstract: Integration of Kaldi’s nnet2 deep neural networks into the Montreal Forced Aligner, permitting the automatic forced alignment of speech audio and a corresponding transcript in time using a Deep Neural Network-Hidden Markov Model architecture.

Non-academic work


  • Arlie Coles (2021, July 30). The Scriptural BCP: Reclaiming the textual tradition with technology. The North American Anglican. (Link)

  • Arlie Coles, Diana Verseghy (2021, Oct 1). The Scriptural BCP. Prayer Book Society of Canada. (Link)


  • Arlie Coles, Tyler Hummel (2021, Aug 20). The Joys of Anglicanism w/Arlie Coles. The AntiSocial Network. (Link to video, podcast)