Fast RL Speaker Accent Detection

US vs. UK speaker accent detector made low-latency via deep reinforcement learning.

Quebec-France Style Transfer

Seq2Seq-based style transfer between Quebec and Metropolitan French text.

Anglican Covid Signs

Covid-19 signage for Anglican churches.


A LaTeX package for liturgical documents in the style of the Book of Common Prayer.

Deep Rhyme Detection

Semi-supervised detection of rhyme and rhyme schemes, including internal and slant rhyme, using bidirectional LSTMs.

Order for Compline

A liturgical booklet for an Anglo-Catholic style of sung psalms and compline.

Order for Mass

A liturgical booklet for an Anglo-Catholic style of Solemn High Mass.

Scriptural BCP

The 1662 BCP annotated with scriptural references.

Speaker Accent Classification

Three models for classification of US vs. UK speaker accent given audio recordings, using several varieties of RNNs and CNNs.

SMS Stylometry

Predicts dialect of English used to write a SMS-style text message using RNNs supplemented with data from Google Trends.