General usage

After setting up your environment and installing bcp-latex, you can use it in your TeX documents. First, make sure that bcp.sty is in the same directory as your TeX document. You can then import it into your document this way, in the preamble:


Then, the macros of bcp-latex will be available to you for use in your document. You can compile your document as you usually would. (In Sublime with LaTeXTools, you can launch compilation by pressing Ctrl+B.)

Music with LilyPond

If you would like to include inline music, ensure that is in the same directory as your TeX document. You should rename the extension of your TeX document from .tex to .lytex.

If you write a LilyPond music file called e.g., you can insert it inline into your TeX document this way (changing the staff size and line width parameters as you wish):


You can then compile your document with compile.bat (for Windows) or for Mac/Unix. If your document is called document.lytex, you can compile it with either script this way:

./ document

This will generate your document completely from scratch. If you would like to save time by keeping intermediate files during document creation and therefore not having to regenerate them from scratch next time, you can pass the debug argument:

./ debug