Arlie Coles

Arlie Coles

Research Scientist

Machine Learning // NLP

I’m Arlie Coles, a deep learning applied researcher and software developer with a passion for linguistics and good coding practices.

I first became interested in NLP and ASR working at the Montreal Computational & Quantitative Linguistics Lab under Morgan Sonderegger. I further pursued these subjects into the realm of machine learning while studying at Mila (Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute), and am excited about the vast opportunities to apply well-crafted, extensible, and practical solutions to natural language problems in this rapidly growing field. I now work as a Research Scientist at Nuance Communications.

I also love music theory, ecclesiology, and playing the piano!


  • Computational Linguistics / Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Clean code & documentation


  • MSc in Computer Science (Machine Learning), 2020

    Mila // Université de Montréal

  • BA&Sc Hon. in Cognitive Science (Computer Science & Linguistics), 2018

    McGill University